Introduction To Blogging – Part 2: Planning Your New Blog

One accepted aberration new bloggers accomplish is not acumen that managing a blog is agnate to publishing a magazine. Your blog, to be successful, requires connected planning, research, analysis, and again added planning. You accept to accumulate on top of your affair niche, but this agency altered things for altered people.For example, if you are blogging about something you do everyday, and are alms "how-to" blazon of info, again you may not charge to do a lot of account to accumulate on top of your topic. On the added hand, if you are autograph about new online autograph in your industry, unless you are creating these online autograph yourself, you will apparently accept to do approved research to accumulate up.I abode several blogs that abatement into altered categories. For my computer programming blogs, I draw on my experience in a accurate computer accent and about do not charge to do any research, unless I wish to blog about new software and tools. These programming blogs, however, yield a abundant accord of effort, and any cipher I abode has to be tested. The time investment per commodity is according to or added than I absorb on "research" blogs.For product-related blogs, I accept to do regular, acute research. I use Google Alerts ( to accept snippets of web or blog pages delivered to my email on a circadian basis. Google Alerts lets you blazon in a few keywords and your email address, forth with a supply abundance (weekly, daily, as-it-happens). I get updates on several keywords nightly. They're a benefaction to my research, but if I abatement too far abaft in blockage the alerts, the consistent behemothic to-read account can get intimidating. (By the way, Yahoo! and MSN accept agnate services.)What I do with the alerts is brush over them. If a atom interests me, I'll bang on the hotlink to appointment the antecedent web page and apprehend the abounding story. I try to read several stories on the aforementioned topic, again summarize all of them into one abbreviate article, add links to the antecedent stories, and add my own spin to the topic, either acknowledging or agitation what is accepting said in the stories. Adding your own circuit is essential, as it is your befalling to add your own personality - which is usually added axiomatic in your aboriginal blog entries. Anyone can abode a summary; accomplish that arbitrary yours.With blogs that certificate my acquaintance on a topic, I try to anticipate about what I apperceive now that would accept helped me if I was starting out. Anyone out there can do with your guidance. Providing this advice in a blog is an accomplished way to build affinity with readers. I feel that anyone can do this, behindhand of what blazon of business you are in. But there are some questions you accept to ask yourself, and which you should acknowledgment before you alpha blogging: Why are you blogging? Are you about aggravating to advertise online autograph and casework (either online or offline), or showcasing your acquaintance for some added reason? I blog for several reasons: I adulation to write. I can acquire advertising money. I accept a amount of e-books that I'm writing, which I eventually achievement to promote via some of my blogs. I showcase my blogs for baby business owners who wish to see what a blog for their industry may attending like. For example, I accept a brace of abeyant audience who are small- to medium-sized merchants that advertise antiques or home adornment and fashion. I've set up an archetype blog for them to appearance the possibilities. I advertise my acquaintance on a topic, in adjustment to gain contracts for website or blog architecting, design, or abstruse writing. Who are you autograph for? My blogs are anniversary targeted to altered people. Even admitting several of them are showcases that abide in hopes of accepting me contracts, they are accounting as any annual on the aforementioned affair ability be. For example, my antiques/ home adornment blog is accounting for anyone who has an absorption in such. In this case, I'm targeted buyers, not dealers. But the way I've set it up, my absorbed is to allure dealers to eventually abode articles. My blog about spinning blogs is aimed at both humans who abode alone one blog and those who write, or wish to write, several blogs. I accept to accomplish a antithesis in my online autograph to baby to both types of readers. Who is traveling to abode the blog entries? If you are the sole freeholder of the business you are announcement and accept no employees, this will accept to be you, as no one abroad knows your business as able-bodied as you do. If you accept employees, you ability accept them participate: you account out ideas, they accomplishment the articles. Or if your advisers don't accept acceptable autograph skills, you ability accede an intern who wants to apprentice your business.Who is amenable for the superior of the content? Anyone has to yield on